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Entrepreneur Stories – The Journey of Ronnie Screwvala

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Stories by Work Theater. In this blog post, we cover Ronnie Screwvala’s inspiring journey and the key takeaways that budding entrepreneurs can learn from him.

Ronnie Screwvala, born on 8th September 1962, in Mumbai, India, grew up in a middle-class Parsi family. From a young age, Ronnie displayed entrepreneurial acumen, even starting his own cable TV business in his locality. He graduated from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Ronnie then ventured into various businesses, from toothbrush manufacturing to exporting chess sets, before finding his true calling in the entertainment industry.


The initial years of Ronnie’s career in the entertainment industry were filled with struggle. The cable TV business he established, Network, faced stiff competition from large, well-funded competitors. Despite the challenges, Ronnie’s determination and vision led him to push boundaries and expand the business into new territories.

Rise to Prominence

Ronnie’s rise to prominence began with the launch of United Television (UTV) in 1990. UTV became a leading production house in India, creating content for television and films. Under Ronnie’s leadership, UTV ventured into broadcasting, gaming, and digital media. In 2008, he sold a controlling stake in UTV to The Walt Disney Company, which later acquired the remaining shares in 2012. Ronnie then moved on to co-found Unilazer Ventures, an investment firm focusing on startups and early-stage companies.


Throughout his career, Ronnie has been instrumental in shaping the Indian media and entertainment landscape. His legacy includes pioneering Indian television content, introducing innovative business models, and investing in promising startups. In 2014, Ronnie turned his focus towards social entrepreneurship by founding Swades Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering rural communities in India through holistic development initiatives.

27 Key Learnings from Ronnie Screwvala’s Business Philosophy

  1. Embrace failure: “Failure is just a temporary pause, not the end.”
  2. Stay curious: “Be curious, ask questions, and never stop learning.”
  3. Adapt to change: “Change is the only constant. Adapt or perish.”
  4. Focus on the long term: “Short-term gains should never compromise long-term vision.”
  5. Build relationships: “Networking and relationship building are key to business success.”
  6. Empower your team: “A strong, motivated team can move mountains.”
  7. Be innovative: “Innovation is the lifeblood of business.”
  8. Be persistent: “Persistence pays off, no matter how long it takes.”
  9. Keep your ego in check: “Ego can be your worst enemy or your best ally.”
  10. Stay humble: “Success is temporary, humility is forever.”
  11. Embrace risk: “Without risk, there can be no reward.”
  12. Learn from mistakes: “Mistakes are the stepping stones to success.”
  13. Trust your instincts: “Your gut feeling is often right.”
  14. Be patient: “Patience and perseverance are essential in any business.”
  15. Be disciplined: “Discipline is the foundation of success.”
  16. Be decisive: “Make bold decisions and commit to them.”
  17. Stay true to your values: “Values are the compass that guides your business.”
  18. Learn to delegate: “Delegation is the key to scaling your business.”
  19. Communicate effectively: “Clear communication fosters strong relationships.”
  20. Be passionate: “Passion fuels determination and success.”
  21. Set realistic goals: “Break your vision into achievable goals.”
  22. Be a problem solver: “Identify problems and seek solutions, not excuses.”
  23. Stay focused: “Don’t let distractions derail your vision.”
  24. Prioritize customer satisfaction: “A happy customer is a loyal customer.”
  25. Embrace technology: “Technology can be a game-changer for your business.”
  26. Be proactive: “Anticipate challenges and take action before they escalate.”
  27. Give back to society: “Success comes with the responsibility to make a difference.”

Ronnie Screwvala’s story is an inspiring tale of determination, innovation, and resilience. His unwavering commitment to his vision and keen business acumen has made him one of India’s most respected and successful entrepreneurs. Ronnie’s journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned businesspeople alike. As we learn from his story, success is not about the destination but the journey and the impact we make along the way.

Stay tuned for our next Entrepreneur Story, where we’ll explore another remarkable journey of an inspiring individual who has made a significant impact in the world of business. Until then, keep learning, stay curious, and never stop chasing your dreams.

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