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Our coworking space in Bangalore just got featured on Deccan Herald

We’re excited to share that our coworking space in Bangalore has been featured on Deccan Herald.

Article content is as follows:

Work Theater is India’s first coworking space curated with three themes: wellness, theater and silk. Launched earlier this month, this coworking space provider is one of the newest entrants to Bangalore’s vibrant startup and freelancer ecosystem. Traditionally, coworking spaces that are spacious and inspire creativity are expensive. Work Theater aims to bridge this gap for freelancers and startups looking for creative work spaces at an affordable price point. Work Theater has opened its doors at its pilot location in Nagarbhavi Outer Ring Road and plans to scale in other residential parts of the country once its business model has proved successful.

Work Theater hosts a relaxing work environment with a yoga studio, a private theater, a terrace garden, library spaces, karaoke and more. In addition, the coworking space has used pure silk fabric-based wall hangings to decorate its common areas. Mr. Karthik Magaji, Co-founder of Work Theater, said “As more industries move people towards a hectic work life, we need coworking spaces that would resonate with people and help them create the ideal balance between work, play and relaxation, all within a budget!” 

As a new entrant in the coworking industry in Bangalore, Work Theater was founded with an intention to diversify the parent silk export business, Chaitra Ventures. The idea took shape when Mr. Karthik Magaji studied coworking spaces as part of his master’s dissertation at the Alliance Manchester Business School. He recalls that “I was inspired by the idea of creating a holistic workspace where you could do it all: have your focus time, collaborate, take a shower, read a book, play a game, meditate, do karaoke or even watch a movie. It’s all here. Hence, the name ‘Work Theater’, it’s where dramatic things can happen”. Work Theater intends to host and support businesses, startups, freelancers and creative businesses by providing consulting services, by hosting business competitions and even talk shows on its YouTube channel.

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  1. I visited their office after viewing this article on the deccan herald site. I liked their place and will be subscribing. Good job team.

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