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Our cool coworking space in bangalore has been featured on Think Remote

Think Remote interviewed Karthik Magaji, co-founder of this coworking space in bangalore, about the opening and the importance of a healthy workplace.

Based in Bangalore, India, Work Theater is the first Indian co-working space all about well-being. The space opened a month ago, combining a modern design with traditional hand-made silk decoration. The co-working philosophy focuses on three main themes: wellness, theater, and silk.

In the heart of Bangalore’s vibrant startup and freelancer ecosystem, the co-working space is a new workplace representing the new priorities of employees for work-life balance.

In conversation with Karthik Magaji about the Work Theatre Co-working

1.   When Did You Officially Launch Work Theater Co-working? How Does The Story Begin?

We launched officially for bookings on September 5, 2022.

The idea for Work Theater was born during my master’s at the University of Manchester in the UK. I felt that the coworking spaces in Manchester were really good value for money, given the amenities and space per person and the costs associated with running the space.

The idea was concretized further during my dissertation on coworking spaces as part of my coursework, where I learned in depth what it takes to build a great coworking space brand. I wanted to test my assumptions and model back in my birthplace Bangalore with a pilot of space.

2.   What’s The Core Mission Of Space?

Work Theater was founded with 3 core missions:

  • To inspire work-life balance through wellness initiatives and break-out areas
  • To provide a spacious work environment
  • To make coworking spaces affordable

3.   Why Do You Think It Is Important To Create A Dynamic Local Community To Combine Work And Well-Being?

Coworking spaces are about building a community where people support each other by sharing their experiences and helping build new connections.

A local community motivated to bring about balance in work and well-being can improve the overall quality of life in the locality and their personal lives. People who have found balance in their lives tend to live healthier and stress-free lives and spread more positivity in their social circles. [1] 

4.   What Role Does Remote Work Play In Finding New Solutions For Work-Life Balance?

As a generation, we’re moving towards a shift in work cultures wherein a good number of industries are operating remotely through the work-from-home option or even permanently remote options.

The plus side of this transition is that people spend less time commuting, and hence more time is available to spend on meeting their close ones or leading healthier lifestyles. These options weren’t available in the past, wherein long commute times and long hours in the office were the norms.  

5.   Why Do You Think People Should Care More About Finding Healthy Work Environments?

People in major cities lead a hectic life with all the traffic and pollution. Additionally, they spend the majority of their day time in office spaces.

It is important to make sure that being in the office is an inspiring place where they can take care of their wellbeing which is why we’ve ensured that we’ve a yoga space and a terrace garden in-house. The benefits of taking care of oneself will pay dividends in the long run!

6.   We Can’t Escape Talking About The Impact Of The Pandemic. How Do You Feel This Long Quarantine Impacted How People Approach Priorities And Work Life?

The impacts of Covid-19 are worth talking about.

Pre-pandemic, people were less likely to make their health and work-life balance a priority. The long quarantine and the severe loss of lives around the globe have definitely worked wonders toward motivating people to focus on their priorities and find balance as this is a brief life and even a virus can create havoc like this!

7.   And What About Bangalore? What’s Unique About The Area but for the Work Theatre Co-working?

Bangalore is undoubtedly referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. The startup and remote work culture is present in all corners of the city. The ecosystem for entrepreneurs is vibrant and filled with opportunities. So, there was no better place to launch Work Theater other than Bangalore, which also happens to be my birthplace.

8.   Why Would You Recommend Someone Working Remotely To Move Into The Area?

Work Theater is located in West Bangalore, which is a pleasant residential area with great eateries and lesser traffic as compared to the rest of Bangalore. Additionally, we’re on the Outer Ring Road, and getting to the city center is just a 25-minute journey!

9.   Who inspires you? Can you recommend a book or a podcast?

I’m inspired by entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped their businesses to reach great heights such as Richard Branson, Ronnie Screwvala, and Naval Ravikant.

I’d definitely recommend “Business Stripped Bare” by Richard Branson and “Dream With Your Eyes Open” by Ronnie Screwvala.

The podcasts of Naval Ravikant are resourceful for all entrepreneurs out there.

10. Is there anything you would like to add?

I’d love to help out early-stage founders who are figuring out their business models in any industry. Reach out to me at

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